Friday, June 24, 2011

Life Drawing Session 09 - Dude was Nuts!

In terms of poses, this was possibly the session I enjoyed the most since I started Life Drawing back up a few months ago (apart from maybe Session 06). It also happened to be the first male model I've drawn since restarting!
Very lean guy - his bones and muscles were really visible - and after the fairly standard long poses (bizarrely at this new place I haven't been before, they work from long - 45min - down to short - 5min - poses), his short poses were full of energy and twisting and writhing'ness'....
So bones + muscles + writhing = WIN.

Minutes: 25, then 5s

HOWEVER! Dude was indeed, all kinds of nuts. Making all sorts of noises (at one point he just screamed), saying uncomfortable things to the class, falling asleep.... I tried my hardest not to catch his gaze as I was drawing his face but I swear he kept looking at me.. smiling..... errrr.... 'shudders'

And to top it off, he did a pose which I'm sooo sorry I wasn't able to capture adequately enough for you dear people....but I shall attempt to describe it best I can.
Whilst using the prop of the walking stick slung over his shoulder, and taking a power stance wider than Van Halen could ever muster... he grabbed his 'meat and two veg' with his free hand like he was trying to detach them from his body.
Now, in a Life Drawing class, you kind of get in the habit of drawing whatever's in front of you... and as such, I just drew away.... but then I thought, "Hold up. I'm drawing a dude waving his nuts in my face....." :S
Dude was indeed, all kinds of nuts.

'Till the Next!

On a side note, in these last two sessions I've kinda reverted back to 'old ways', after having started to become a bit more experimental.... So next time, I'll definitely try to get back on the right track.


Helen Ström said...

I'm laughing out loud here!!!!
I'm sad I missed this!!! I was only surprised looking up once when he was complaining about the too long pose (I guess he hurt himself while holding this "grabbing" pose!!) I was concentrated on my own work with my music so I'm like in a world apart when concentration work more or less.
Your story makes it easy to imagine the whole scene so thanks for sharing Laurent!!! : D

Helen Ström said...

I forgot something... your drawings are great and I understand you had fun drawing him!!

L ROSSI said...

I can't believe you missed it! lol
But I'm glad you were able to imagine it from my description.... hopefully you won't have nightmares :P
Bon Weekend!

chloemayyy said...

What.a.great.lad! Awfully charming U.U

Chloe who has to use her abandonned wordpress account to leave a comment .

"TORI CAT" said...

Ha ha ha!!
This is AMAZING!!! i'v been crying with laughter at your story! That guy sounds so funny!!! hee hee!!! I would have cracked up if i had been there! :D
(I dont think i would have been able to concentrate!!) ;)
Can see you had fun with your drawings... I bet it was nice to draw a bloke for a change (even if he was a bit cwazy!!) :P
I really get a great feel for his skinny features and muscles in your drawings! I really like the first one especially!!
Top work L!! I look forward to your next life drawing session!.... I really hope you get this dude again and have more funny stories to tell!!
Thanks for making me giggle!! :P

DSM said...

Well, you see what you look for... I thought the post was WITH NUTS....

There is so much muscle work here; doesn't it make you think of Bridgeman's book, a little. I think I've come back to this post about six times now.

jLou said...

LOL! I'd be so uncomfortable! I would probably walk away and come back on the next pose :P

Great gestures Laurent! Structure studies are lookin good! :D

L ROSSI said...

Internet is back :P

My blog has been tarnished with a 'Wordpress' comment! Eewww
Thanks though! I try to be charming ;)

Thanks TC - I'm sure if I was to draw him over and over, his antics may become a little tiresome - but yeah, it was good to draw a bloke!

lol yeah, the word nuts was appropriately chosen :)
Bridgeman! wow what a compliment - everyone on my animation course had his book. Though I feel I'm quite some way off before I'm able to make a book like that! :P

There probably were a few who didn't draw him! :D
Thanks for the compliment!

Alina Chau said...

NICE!!! :)

Frankie Swan said...

haha this is brilliant